Sweet pumpkin stew with grilled shrimps


  • 0.250 lt Vegetable oil
  • 0.025 kg Peeled garlic
  • 0.450 kg White onions
  • 0.250 kg Red onions
  • 0.250 lt Heavy cream
  • 0.500 kg Andean black mint
  • 0.125 kg Quail egg
  • 0.600 kg Shirmp
  • 1.250 lt Whole milk
  • 0.750 kg Yellow potatoes
  • 0.010 kg Black pepper
  • 0.250 kg Pariah cheese
  • 0.015 kg Salt
  • 0.010 kg Thyme
  • 1.500 kg Yellow pumpkin


1)For the yellow pumpkin stew, clean and peel the pumpkin seeds and removing the skin, then place the pumpkin on a baking sheet with olive oil, add the onion, garlic, salt, thyme and black mint, bake until soft. Then blend all.

2)For the Andean black mint foam, make a dressing with chopped garlic, onions, milk and Andean black mint and leave over low heat. Then blend, drain and set aside.

3)For the final preparation, sauté the shrimp in hot vegetable oil, then add the pumpkin liquid, boiled cubes of Peruvian yellow potatoes and black mint. To assemble the dish, put the mix in the middle of the plate.

4)At the same time heat the Andean black mint foam until it boils. Then, then add a splash of whole milk and mix it well until it becomes foamy.  Put this foam around the sweet pumpkin. Finally place the grilled Pariah cheese and poached quail eggs on the pumpkin. Enjoy it!

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