Romantic Valentine’s Day Recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


* Strawberries

*1 package chocolate chips or 1 pound of chocolate bark. You can use white, semi-sweet or dark chocolate.

Optional toppings such as: chopped coconut, nuts, candy sprinkles, sugar crystals, crushed cookies and anything else your creativity comes up with


1. Wash strawberries and pat with paper towel to dry. Leave stem attached.

2. Place chocolate in top of double boiler or microwave in glass dish.

3. Pick up the strawberries one by one by the stem and dip 3/4 the way up to stem into melted chocolate.

4. Place on waxed paper to allow the chocolate to harden.

To make softer chocolate you can add 1 teaspoon butter or Crisco to the chocolate when melting. This will make the chocolate less brittle.

To make your dipped strawberries look extra special, melt white chocolate or white. Squeeze the bag to mix the chocolate and when fully melted snip one corner of the bag off and use the hole to drizzle the chocolate over your cooled strawberries. Enjoy it.


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