Peru’s Lord of Qoyllurit’i joins un-backed list of intangible heritage

Peru was yesterday added to the United Nations-backed list aimed at preserving and spotlighting the planet’s most valuable intangible heritage.

This brings to nine the number of new elements inscribed on the Representative List this year so far.

The Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Lord of Qoyllurit’i , that means “Snow star “begins 58 days after Easter when people representing eight indigenous villages from around Cusco, Peru travel to the Sinakara Sanctuary.

This religious event plays itself out over 24 hours as people process up and down the mountain ending in the village of Tayancani at sunrise.

Dances play a central role in the pilgrimage. The Council of Pilgrim Nations and the Brotherhood of the Lord of Qoyllurit’i oversee activities and maintain the rules and codes of behavior.

We are so proud of our country, so we can share with our readers amazing pictures .Doctor Jose Alvarez, General Manager of Aranwa Hotels Resorts & Spas share with us in his book “The Snowy Apu”, a wonderful picture that portrays range powerful images of one of the most important celebration. This wonderful book offers the opportunity to his readers to learn more about this celebration, as one can see in the color photographs. He has managed to capture this peculiar atmosphere of the most important religious celebration in Cusco.

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Dr. Jose Álvarez dedicated this book to the devotees who died during the pilgrimage to the Lord of Qoyllur Rit´i celebration, who gladly offered their lives to the Apu Ausangate with joy, and the confidence that their sacrifice would not to be vain.

The cross next to the stone shrine, protector of hikers, assumes the same role. A freezing wind stirts the canvases of soft colors as if blessing the herd of alpacas

People from the communities wait eagerly for the ukukus to come down with ice on their backs to purify their spirits. The snow cleans the negative fluids accumulated.

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