Massage with herbal pindas

The pindas are cloth bags that store herbs and medicinal plants. Using these pindas, Ayurveda massages are performed (the ancient Indian healing medicine).

The pindas are a preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, mixed with essential oils and wrapped in cloth (preferably natural, like cotton or linen) as “costalito”. Its main base is rice, which has an emollient effect on the skin and gives shape to the pinda, but can be mixed with chia, that helps the costalito to slide easier, providing vitamins, omega-3 and antioxidants, and helps in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and depression.

The elements used to massage with pindas are:
• Blanket or linen
• Cotton thread
• Steamer
• Rice
• Plants or seeds to choose from, previously soaked
• Four medium towels
• Neutral Oil
Throughout the muscles and tendons receive a relaxing massage with a change of strong and active movements. The fabric of pindas are very nice to feel, it gives off a heat that stimulates those muscles matted by bad posture and calm the contractions because they have strong powers of relaxation.
Furthermore, this therapy with pindas is particularly suitable for all those stressed people or suffering from insomnia, as the combination of massage with essential herbs creates a very pleasant sensation for the whole body, generating a feeling of peaceful sleep when you go to bed.

Important benefits are:
• The effect of detoxifying  skin
• Relaxing anti-stress effect
• Anti-inflammatory (recommended in cases of rheumatic diseases)
• Moisturizer action

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