Cooperation Agreement Aranwa Hotels Resorts & Spas and Delfines Hotel & Casino

Aranwa Hotels Resorts and Spas decide to join Delfines Hotel & Casino in order to offer our customers a range of services and promotion of greater coverage within the country. All this by meeting standards of quality and constant improvement of our processes that always exceed expectations and needs of our customers.

Yesterday the two hotel groups signed a cooperation agreement to generate increased competitiveness in the local hotel market, through various promotions that offer both companies together.
The agreement was signed by the General Comptroller of Dolphin Hotel & Casino, John Nunez, and GM of Aranwa Hotels, Resorts & Spa, Gabriel Alvarez.
The agreement has the purpose of growth of both companies, creating cross-selling and offering preferential rates. Also, is expected to increase visits at both hotels, leaving an income of $250,000 in the first year, quite apart from the individual earnings of each operator.

The commercial manager of Aranwa Hotels, Rosana Martinez, considered gratifying to have ended 2011 with a increase of 83%, a result that encouraged the chain to complete the deal with the hotel Los Delfines as commits to “two great companies that can be more competitive in the national market”.

For his part, the sales manager of Delfines Hotel & Casino, Arturo Luna, said that the main beneficiaries will be the guests, because “you will enjoy the common shares, discounts and benefits that both hotels will perform.” In addition the manager said that starting the agreement both groups may make joint participation in national and international events.
The cooperation agreement was announced during a press breakfast held in the facilities of the Hotel Los Delfines.

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