Aranwa Pueblito Encantado del Colca

An “Enchanted Village”, this is the concept of our new hotel-resort located three hours from the city of Arequipa, on the banks of the Colca River. This beautiful location opened its

doors to the public during Easter, making it the perfect opportunity to escape from your routine and experience life in a colorful, traditional Andean town. Among the activities available during this special week were the pizza night cooked in a handmade oven; an Easter egg hunt; and the planting of saplings, which guests may adopt. Near the hotel,

in the town of Coporaque, travelers had the chance to enjoy and learn about the local customs celebrated during this holiday, such as the handicrafts fair, the culinary fair and traditional

dances. They also took part in activities in the nearby countryside, such as trekking, horse riding, and visits to neighboring archaeological sites, as well as the thermal baths of



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Colca Valley, a place full of grace




Most people fail to discover the magic of the Colca Valley, as it made ​​the trip just in time, without thinking that this will be short to meet and enjoy what the place offers: Beautiful scenery, biking, hiking trails to venture in, experiential tourism, the spectacular view of condors or just relax and contemplate the beauty of the landscape.

The Colca Canyon is just one part of the valley of the same name, it’s 165km from Arequipa city. The stunning scenery is surrounded by mountains and monumental terraces that seem to have been designed by the delicate hands of an artist.

Upon arrival, you can see the mountains and volcanoes Hualca Hualca, Ampato and Sabancaya with almost 6000 meters.

Although any time of year is good to visit the Colca Valley, we recommend making the trip between the months of May and November, as it is dry season.

One of the biggest attractions of this place is the observation of the flight of the condor. Following an attractive trail you will get the natural viewpoint to observe the fly of the world’s largest bird, an experience that will be recorded for life.


On the road to Coporaque we find a hotel facing the Colca river that transports us to another time. An “enchanted town” that becomes the best place to start the adventure. Aranwa Pueblito Encantado del Colca combines the colonial and andean style and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, just three hours away from the majestic white city of Arequipa. The surrounding areas bring surprises as two natural waterfalls, many hummingbirds giving the welcome, terraces for organic flowers and plants that will be used in the restaurant, small plots, between others. The trout farm and water mill will be part of experiential tourism experience.

Among the activities is the participation of guests in grinding different grains in the old water mill and then use the flour at the restaurant’s clay oven and prepare your own pizza or bread.

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Christmas in Cusco

Christmas time brings the magic of a wonderful show in the Plaza de Armas: Santuranticuy, which means “sale of saints” is a temporary market where sculptors and craftsmen offer the most diverse figures for the cribs that are put at homes and churches.

The event is held since the arrival of the Spanish in Cusco, is the occasion in which many people come from the mountains to sell images of the baby Jesus, the St. Mary, St. Joseph and the three wise men (all made by them), they also sell images of sheep and various animals. This is the oldest, largest, highest quality and popular art fair, in Peru, bringing together different genres as exponents of jewelry, embroidery, basketry, carving, ceroplastic, toys, among others.

This traditional popular art fair brings together artists and artisans, mainly the neighborhood of San Blas and the south of the country, giving prominence to the fair exposure of the famous “Manuelito Child”, ceramics, carvings, etc.


The Suite – Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel

During your romantic retreat in Cusco you can enjoy the great suites at Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel, 3 spacious 600-square-feet suites with stylish furniture and unique artwork. Its separate living room with sofas and a coffee table, offers guests an intimate space to dine in the comfort of their room. Inside the bedroom, a 32” LCD television, a refreshment center and an iPod docking station are available, as well as complimentary High-speed wireless Internet. From the balcony, you can appreciate lovely views of the Inca city. Two of the suites have a King size bed and one has 2 queen beds, dressed with fine sheets, fluffy feather duvets and crisp covers. A menu of feather and foam pillows, complete a true heavenly sleeping experience. And apart of all, they also have radiant floor on the bathrooms to keep you warm and intelligent oxygen to help you to acclimatize to the altitude.


Saint Peter Market


The central market or Saint Peter Market  is located across from San Pedro train station a few blocks southwest of the Plaza de Armas. This is a place full of colours, aromas and sounds thet will give you a sample of the local culture in Cusco.

Delicious fruits, various vegetables, meat, fish, hand craft works, traditional desserts, cheese, medicinal herbs and more on the same place. Every person that has the experience of being at this market has fallen in love with it.

Criolla Song’s Day in Peru

In 1944, October 31st was declared as the official day to celebrate the “Criolla” song’s day in Peru by the former president Manuel Prado in order to spread the local music from the coast of the country.

Valses, polkas, festejos and marinera are part of this rich of music full of rhythm, feeling and joy that represent very well the identity of a traditional culture.

Some of the greatest representatives of the “música criolla” are Chabuca Granda, Felipe Pinglo Alva, Oscar Aviles, Arturo Zambo Cavero among others.

Here the lyrics of one of the beautiful songs written by Chabuca Granda. A waltz that tell a love story of a woman that remember her beloved one.

Jose Antonio

Por una vereda viene

cabalgando José Antonio
Se viene desde Barranco
a ver la flor de Amancaes
En un berevere criollo,
va a lo largo del camino
con jipi japa pañuelo
y poncho blanco de lino

Mientras corre la mañana,
su recuerdo juguetea
y con alegre retozo el caballo pajarea
fina garúa de junio
le besa las dos mejillas
y cuatro cascos cantando
van camino de Amancaes

Qué hermoso que es mi chalán
cuán elegante y garboso
sujeta la fina rienda de seda
que es blanca y roja
qué dulce gobierna el freno
con sólo cintas de seda
al dar un quiebro gracioso
al criollo berebere

José Antonio, José Antonio
por qué me dejaste aquí
cuando te vuelva a encontrar
que sea junio y garúe
me acurrucaré a tu espalda
bajo tu poncho de lino
y en la cinta del sombrero
quiero ver los amancaes,
que recojas para mí
cuando a la grupa me lleves,
de ese tu sueño dorado
de tu caballo de paso
aquel del paso peruano.


*“Chalan” (traditional name for a man that worked with horses in the countryside. An imposing and elegant mien)