Entertaining activities in Cusco

If you are in Cusco and you want to have a wonderful day, we recommend some activities

Visit the museum of sacred plants, this little museum in the center of the city presents a lot of explications about the various sacred and medicinal plants of Peru and America. The museum is totally new; it presents the power of the tropical plants, of the Coca chewed by the population of Peru from many centuries, and of “magic plants” used in sacred rituals! You’ll learn that for every sickness, the nature offers a specific natural treatment!

Other good option is the Coca museum which is located in San Blas. It’s a small museum to learn about this strangely prohibited plant. The museum introduces visitors to the history of the coca plant and explains exactly why it is so important to the Peruvian identity, today and in times past. It also covers the botanical and medicinal properties of the plant and tackles the more recent issues of drug trafficking and cocaine addiction. Continue Reading →

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Enjoy Cusco from a privileged location

The city of Cusco offers a magical setting for exciting experiences.

Our hotel Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel features personalized service that can help you maximize your stay.

From arrival, enjoy luxury using our private transfer service transfer services, live the past and present of cusco in tours around the city and ask our concierge for new ways to discover the flavor and joy of Cusco. Continue Reading →

Things to do in Cusco

The  Cathedral & Plaza de Armas (Main Square)

Cusco’s Main Square, also known as “Plaza de Armas” in Spanish, is the most popular meeting area in the city. It is surrounded with several important landmarks such as the water fountain and other important colonial churches. During Inca times it was an important spot for celebrations.
When visiting the Main Square, you will find the Cathedral. It has a magnificent Renaissance style. The interior is decorated with cedar and alder wood carvings. It houses 400 paintings from Cusco School, painted by mestizo artists.

It is the most famous archaeological site in the city of Cusco. Also known as “The Temple of the Sun”, it was the most magnificent sanctuary in the Inca Empire, where they worshiped the sun god. There were hundreds of panels that lined the walls of gold and natural-size figures of solid gold. After the Spanish soldiers arrived, the temple was partially destroyed to build the convent of Santo Domingo in the seventeenth century. Today there are four original vaults of the Inca temple, where you can appreciate the advanced earthquake engineering and architecture used by the Incas. Continue Reading →

Khasikay Bar

Khasikay Bar, offers a warm and sober setting, where a varied menu of tapas recreates the tradition of Andean dishes. Fine pisco-based cocktails and complete national and international cava.

If you need more information please contact us.

The Orchids of our sister property Aranwa Sacred Valley

Botanic Garden specialized in the cultivation, preservation and exposition of more than 90 orchids and other flowers proper from Cusco and South America. You may appreciate the beauty of the flora from 6:00 to 22:00.

Some orchids to our orchid pyramid:

Orquídea Tigre: This genus used to contain more than 300 species, its natural habits

is in South America, many of the species require cool temperatures. Has an impressive bright flower with red – brown .Blooms from May to July.

Masdevallia: May be Epiphytes, terrestrials or growing as lithophytes on damp rocks. The triangular flowers grow on short pedicels and are about 6 cm wide. On each pedicel there is ordinarily just one flower, but sometimes there may be several. Bloom all year long. Continue Reading →