Admiral’s Palace

The museum is housed in the ornate 16th-century “Palacio del Almirante” (Admiral’s Palace) which was built, like much of Cusco, on Inca foundations. This grand colonial mansion is named after Admiral Francisco Aldrete Maldonado who lived here until his death in 1643.

The palace itself is one of Cusco’s finest colonial mansions, with a superbly ornate portal indicating the importance of its owner.

The museum’s exhibits include ceramics, textiles, vases, jewelry, architectural models, and an interesting collection (reputed to be the world’s largest) of Inca drinking vessels (qeros) carved out of wood, many meticulously painted. In the courtyard is a studio of women weaving traditional textiles.

Address: 103 Cuesta del Almirante, Cusco, Peru

Location: Corner of Ataúd and Córdoba del Tucumán

Phone: (51)084 – 237-380

Hours:  Weekdays 8am -5pm; Sat. 9am -4pm.

Things to do in Cusco – The Cross Keys Pub

It´s located close to the historical square of Cusco, owned by Englishman Barry Walker and his wife Rosario Velarde. The place is decorated like a typical British pub, with leather bar-stools and plenty of dark wood. Serve different kind of British beer and delicious food, people recommend their famous steak.

Opening Hours
8:00am to Midnight or later every day of the year (Kitchen closes at 10:00pm)

Address: Calle Triunfo 350 (second Floor), Cusco – Peru

Phone: +51 84 229227

Art museum of andean children

An organization called Ayllu Yupaychay (NGO established in 1999 to promote cultural diffusion), takes teachers and art materials out to remote Andean villages for a week at a time. The children responded with incredible creations portraying their lives, myths, dreams, and themselves.  An introductory short movie of the project and a free guided tour are provided in Spanish.

If you’re travelling with children this is a great way to introduce them to the amazing culture of Peru.

Address: 344 Teatro Street 
Open Mon-Fri 10am-1pm 2pm-5pm (Free entrance)


Massage with herbal pindas

The pindas are cloth bags that store herbs and medicinal plants. Using these pindas, Ayurveda massages are performed (the ancient Indian healing medicine).

The pindas are a preparation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, mixed with essential oils and wrapped in cloth (preferably natural, like cotton or linen) as “costalito”. Its main base is rice, which has an emollient effect on the skin and gives shape to the pinda, but can be mixed with chia, that helps the costalito to slide easier, providing vitamins, omega-3 and antioxidants, and helps in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and depression.

The elements used to massage with pindas are:
• Blanket or linen
• Cotton thread
• Steamer
• Rice
• Plants or seeds to choose from, previously soaked
• Four medium towels
• Neutral Oil Continue Reading →

Scottish showers

In these days the market offers a large group of new relaxing hydrotherapies like the Scottish showers or Finnish showers, both designed as spa alternative to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Scottish shower alternates sprays of cold, warm and hot water to work in different ways on the body. Many spas combine this technique with previous sessions of sauna to achieve a complete dilatation of the skin pores and at the same time remove toxins so the water will be able to extern their properties.

The Scottish shower also helps the restoration of energy and lifts up the spirits.

The specialists recommend that the water streams should be in a specific part of the body. In general, the warm water streams should be focused on the waist, the neck or the back, where tension builds up. The cold water streams should be directed to the legs so they can improve blood circulation. Continue Reading →

Peruvian Pink Salt of Maras

Pale pink salt has been used for six centuries by villagers of Maras and is now used by local Peruvian chefs because of its flavor and the salt not only increases the Peruvian economy, also has some unique health benefits. It contains magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc that help with stress, anemia and osteoporosis.

In the Sacred Valley, there are salt evaporation ponds that locals referred to the salt mines. These have been used since the Inca period, if you put your hand in the stream, some minutes later your hand will be dry with a thorough dusting of salt on it.

People from the area say that ponds help to keep the premises; some of the properties have been passed from generation to generation. People have to carry heavy bags of salt for long distance. The families sell the salt through the cooperatives that manages the ponds.

For his range of dietary and healing properties, Maras Pink Salt is used among chefs, spas, health professionals and other individuals. It serves as an excellent alternative to table salt because of its high mineral content, but it also helps in the treatment of illness as well as promoting body relaxation and frees the body from toxins. Pink salt can be use also in bath, body scrubs, aromatherapy, soap and several other uses. Continue Reading →