Meet Our Staff

Full Name: Rolando Ernesto Flores Luna

Job Title: Bartender Supervisor

Sign: Scorpion

Brief description about yourself

I consider myself a responsible, honest, sincere and friendly person. I like to study the history of Peru, listen to music, cook, photography and preparing cocktails of course. I´m a person who likes to talk about our customs and as a bartender I´m available of having a nice talk besides the cocktails that I can make at Khasikay Bar.

What have you done before working at Aranwa?

I worked at the Tambopata Lodge in Puerto Maldonado.

Tell us a bit about your job at Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel

I  work at Aranwa Cusco Boutique  Hotel as a bartender supervisor. My job is very satisfactory because I have contact with a lot of people. It´s a job where you can make a lot of relations and where you can create a comfortable and friendly environment.

My job is a very creative work I can do a lot of new combinations and new drinks every day with different ingredients…. I am a bartender and my job is to serve your drink and make sure you come back hahaha. Continue Reading →

Meet our Staff

 Full Name:  Gonzalo Ruiz de Somocurcio Cornejo

Job Title: Executive Chef at Aranwa Cusco Boutique

 Brief description about yourself

I’m an executive chef at Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel. I’m responsible and hardworking. I love of my job and my team. I love to spend time with my family and travel when we can do it.

When did you know you wanted to become a chef? 

 I was studying environmental engineering at Agraria University (UNALM), when I started working in a kitchen restaurant. It was the first time I went inside a kitchen, a whole new world. Then I decided to be a chef.

What was your first restaurant job?

At Warren’s Lobster House Restaurant in Kittery-Maine, in the U.S.  I started like a steward for one year then I was trained on the different areas in the restaurant.

What do you like the most about the hotel?

The staff, it’s very strong team, we try to help and support each other if someone needs some help. Continue Reading →

Meet our staff

Full Name: Carlos Velasquez
Job Title: Maitre

Brief Description about yourself:  

I am tolerant and comprehensive, not complicated at all. I love good
food and varied music. I am also a father of 02 sons and I am proud of them

What have you done before working at Aranwa?

I worked as Food and Beverage assistant in a small chain of restaurants and hotels in Machu Picchu from Inti group.

Tell us a bit about your job at Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel

My job is simple but it deals a lot with great details and especially coordination to organize and supervise the food and beverage service Pukawi and Rikhuna restaurants.  I am also charge of coordinating food and beverage for events such as weddings, conventions and others. In general, it is a job I like doing.

What do you like the most about the hotel?

In general, I like everything and I’m proud to work here, but if you try to think of a particular place, I would choose three: the restaurants, the spa, the colonial house and surroundings. The decoration of the bar is also very attractive. Continue Reading →

Traditional Andean ritual called “Payment to the Earth”

Yesterday night, the staff from Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel, participated in a traditional Andean ritual called “pago a la tierra”, which in English means “Payment to the Earth”. This ceremony is usually held in August to celebrate the Andean New Year. During this ritual, offerings are made to Pachamama  (Mother Earth in the Andean culture), so the participants have good luck in the forthcoming year.

This ceremony is generally performed in a house, carried out by a shaman. In our case, the ritual took place in the hotel, as the Aranwa staff wished for good luck and good experiences for their guests. Aranwa staff  prayed and shared a glass of Chicha while the shaman blessed them and the surroundings. Meanwhile, they all took a small amount of coca leaves that they chewed during the ceremony. At the same time, the general manager of the hotel started arranging an offering on an Andean blanket which would later be bundled up and was buried today. The shaman arranged red and white flowers and made a prayer as each flower was placed down. Later they put together a bunch of special offerings that would be laid on the top of the pile.

Two and half hours after starting the ceremony, it finished. The offering was wrapped up carefully in an Andean blanket and  blessed it again.

Meet Our Staff

Full Name:  Thomas Henseler
Job Title:  Director of Operations
Sun Sign:  Leo

Brief Description about yourself

German by origin and chef by profession. I started traveling 22 years ago so far the count is 13 countries many different cultures and interesting destinations

I enjoy skiing, football as well as motorbiking; camping and fishing for relaxation still a chef at heart exploring the culinary scene in the places where I work plays an important part in my social life favorite restaurant in Lima Amor amar in Cusco Cicciolina.

What have you done before working at Aranwa?

I worked as a chef and executive chef for 20 years in many different countries including my native Germany, directly before coming to work for Aranwa I was a Corporate Food and Beverage Director for a big Hotel complex of a 1000 rooms in Mexico.

Tell us a bit about your job at Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel:

I was hired to bring some fresh air into the operation and update the currently existing structure to ensure continued excellence in service and efficiency in the operation as well as continued training and mentoring of the local workforce.

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Meet Our Team

Full name: Carmen Azurin Saldivar

Job Title: Front Office Manager

Sung Sign: Taurus

Brief description about yourself: height="481" />

I´m a responsible, sociable, and hardworking person

What have you done before working at Aranwa? :

Before working at Aranwa, I worked at Libertador Hotel and Hilton Hotel.

Tell us a bit about your job at Aranwa Cusco
Boutique Hotel:

I’m responsible for all operations of the front desk and guest service. I’m also responsible for the management of front office personnel such as staff training and shift schedule and attending the customers’ complaints and queries. I’m support and attend the internal and external requirements such as answering emails of the customers or companies.

What I like the most of my job is support and help the guests when they need something, I like to talk with them and try to make their stay the most enjoyable so that our guests feel important.

What do you like the most about the hotel?

I like the elegance of the hotel and especially I like the staff atmosphere from general management to the security personnel.

What is your favorite place in Cusco?

My favorite place is Sacsayhuaman, and the little towns, rivers, and surroundings of Sacred Valley.

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